I woke up and my ear hurt so I flicked it a lot. I dug at it with my paws. I rubbed it on things.

My goal was to pull a Ferris Bueller, but my humans noticed, and soon I was on my way to the hospital. They looked in my ear with a plastic cone and I yelped dramatically. It didn’t really hurt, but I wanted to ensure that I’d be coddled for the rest of my visit.

While they looked at my ear goop under the microscope, I waited on a comfy bed with a fresh beverage, which I knocked over and wiggled in. Now damp, I flicked water on the hard working technicians as they walked by. Rudy, one of the hospital cats, really showed me how it was done.

Turns out my ear was infected with yeast and bacteria! Ouch. Since my ear drum was intact, I was sent home with ear cleaner and medicine. I shook my head after each treatment, but my ear feels a lot better now. Thank you!

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