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Memorialize Your Beloved Pet‎


Owner: Susan Baht

“My friend was the best of company for a little over 4 short years. Breaks my heart that within three days of cancer diagnosis, he slipped away… I will never forget the love and happiness that was brought to me and my family.”


Owner: Christrine Madsen

“Roxy was full of life and energy! We went for several walks a day and she loved running on the beach and jumping in the waves. She also loved to eat. On our walks she would eat everything from food scraps to vomit. She always made me smile and I miss her so much!”


Owner: Tim Martin

“Thanks for 15 years of good health (and treats)
– Seamus Oct 2004 – Aug 2019”


Owner: Dawn Kelly

“London was so sweet, loyal, cuddly with a strong will. He was my best friend and I miss him dearly. I am blessed to have had him for almost 15 years. He loved people, hiking, walking, swimming and diving for rocks and cuddling. I know he would never leave me and his spirit will be with me forever.” 💔


Owners: Mark & Randi

A legendary cat. A free thinker, innovator, and natural born leader. Part tiger, part bear, part shark. It was an honor to know and love him.