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Memorialize Your Beloved Pet‎




Tom McFadden

Maya was the most perfect companion and family member we could ever hope for. A truly unique soul whose connection with us will never be broken. We’d like to sincerely thank the staff at Turquoise for taking such good care of her in her final days. as a tribute, I’d like to share some of the wisdom by example she left us with:

Maya’s Life Lessons
Everyday wisdom from a beautiful soul

-Spread beauty and love
-Be polite
-Apologize for your mistakes
-Never get too angry
-Limit the negative energy
-Feel the sunshine every day
-Spend more time outside
-Connect with people and nature
-Swim, run, dig, move
-Be happy
-Protect the pack
-Help others find the way
-Love your family
-Get excited
-Figure it out
-Ask for what you want

If you come across a seal carcass on the beach, roll around in it


Ferraro Family

Thank you Dr. G. and Turquoise for taking great care of Anita. She was a great protector and family companion who was very much loved and forever missed. ❤❤❤❤❤



Sally Beach

Horse trials and hotels, beach walks, and boat rides, so many road trips !! SC to CA three times! Always by my side Best companion I could have ever dreamed of You will be so missed.



Charity and Noah Baker

Everybody who met Yeti always loved him. He was one of kind and he will be loved and always in our memory. We will miss you our sweet boy hopefully there are many hammocks up there for you to hang on 💕



Owner: Kimberly Weaver

I want to share a special lovely family beginning with other pet lovers. My husband and I had adopted a young rescue kitten – it was now a family of 3, a week later we took our new young kitten into our vet for her new kitten check-up and parasite care.

We were in the vet exam room waiting for the nurse to begin asking any necessary questions about our new kitten Suzie. She recognized that we had a loving solid marriage and home for Suzie. She began to tell us about a hard new kitten that they quite literally found. The mother cat had given birth to 3 kittens in the Turquoise Vet Hospital parking lot during the night. The mother had 2 kittens that were so weak they died before dawn came.

In the morning a woman came to start the day and open the Turquoise Vet Hospital door. She heard the weak sounds of a newborn kitten – and went to investigate. With care and love she brought the newborn into the vet hospital.

As everyone arrived at work, everyone fell in love with the new find and gave the newborn kitten a new temporary home at Turquoise Vet. Those people knew exactly how to raise a lonely new born kitten with love and care.

After about 6-8 weeks the staff began secretly screening prospective new parents to in trust their daughter. When we came in for Suzie’s kitten check-up, they asked us if we would be willing to add their young daughter to our family. She is a beautiful muted calico in coloring – smallish in size. We named her Katie. When we introduced her to our first kitten Suzie they bonded shortly thereafter. They were only 2 weeks different in ages. My husband and I were ecstatic to now have a loving family of 4. Thank you Turquoise Vet. Thank you God.

They lived together happily for almost 14 years. Suzie passed first at age 13 from liver disease and Katie passed last week from a combination of heart disease and kidney failure. They will be in our hearts forever.

Kimberly Weaver


Mojo Marie

Owner: Lou Bowling

“Dear Lord, we hated to see this beloved creature go; she was one of the rare family members of a lifetime. She blessed us with her love, loyalty and companionship. She “rode shot gun” on many, many rides to the park. She had her own fan club at the local 7-11 where she went “to coffee” with daddy. She also had a following at the Lake; everyone misses her… we are so sad……”



Owner: Erica Salcuni

“Cleo was born in 2008 and she was my best friend. She lived most of her life by the beach, wandering around in and outside of the house and greeting whoever she met in the alleyways or in my home. She had a loving chirp to say “hello” and absolutely loved to snuggle. Cleo crossed the rainbow bridge in Jan 2023 and I will miss her and her life deeply.”



Owner: Randi Vita

“We are so saddened by the loss of Farley. He was a wonderful diva princess and will be dearly missed. He held many world records, including Longest Continuous Biscuit Making Session and World’s Oldest Kitten, maintaining his “kitten” status throughout his entire life. Our laps will never be the same without his constant supervision.”



Owner: Susan Baht

“My friend was the best of company for a little over 4 short years. Breaks my heart that within three days of cancer diagnosis, he slipped away… I will never forget the love and happiness that was brought to me and my family.”



Owner: Christrine Madsen

“Roxy was full of life and energy! We went for several walks a day and she loved running on the beach and jumping in the waves. She also loved to eat. On our walks she would eat everything from food scraps to vomit. She always made me smile and I miss her so much!”



Owner: Tim Martin

“Thanks for 15 years of good health (and treats) – Seamus Oct 2004 – Aug 2019” 💔



Owner: Dawn Kelly

“London was so sweet, loyal, cuddly with a strong will. He was my best friend and I miss him dearly. I am blessed to have had him for almost 15 years. He loved people, hiking, walking, swimming and diving for rocks and cuddling. I know he would never leave me and his spirit will be with me forever.” 💔



Owners: Mark & Randi

A legendary cat. A free thinker, innovator, and natural-born leader. Part tiger, part bear, part shark. It was an honor to know and love him.



Owner: Rebecca Shepard

“Dotty died today. I have hundreds of photos of her but always knew that, when the time came, I’d choose this one. To me, she is running to cross the rainbow bridge as fast as possible so she can reunite with her sisters, Shelby and Pepper (and her little kitty friend, Frank). My three fur babies are together again (pain-free), eating treats, swapping stories about their humans, and napping in a patch of warm sunlight. In her 16-year life, Ms. Dotty visited 22 states, Mexico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. She flew thousands of miles, floated on boats and jet skis, and even rafted down the Kern River. She ate homemade organic food, frolicked leashless at Mission Beach (and terrorized other little white dogs), hiked the mountains of New Hampshire, and made us laugh with her scrappiness and strange quirks. I loved her the way we all love our dogs — purely and unconditionally. Every morning she made me smile. She was such a special girl, our little Petco Park Mother’s Day rescue mutt, and we were lucky to have her. Goodbye, my precious fluff nugget. I will miss your warm, cuddly love, your skinny chicken legs, and the deep comfort you provided whenever life got hard. I wish you could’ve lived forever. R.I.P. 2006(ish) – 2022.” 💔


Sir Fatty el Gecko

Trixie Balestri

“Sir Fatty came to live with me in 2015 at age 8. He was the most sweetest and loving little guy. I will miss him.”