I have been a client at Turquoise Animal Hospital for several decades. Although I live in Point Loma, I am willing to drive the extra distance to Turquoise for the exceptional, full service veterinary care they provide. As a person with multiple pets (4 dogs and 11 cats), I make more visits to the office annually than the average pet owner. I have always been pleased with the pleasant, helpful and efficient staff as well as the quality and expertise of care provided by Dr. Atkinson and Dr. Guayasamin. I trust them completely with my beloved family members and can rest assured that the hospital will always have the welfare of my pets first and foremost on their minds. I kennel my dogs at Turquoise several times a year when I travel because I know they will be completely safe and will receive the best possible care and attention. I highly recommend Turquoise Animal Hospital to anyone who is determined to provide the best care available in San Diego County for their pets.

– Donna W.

We brought our “rescued” Pit/Lab mix, Chuey, in to get neutered at your office. What a GREAT experience for all of us… such love and care! Later, our Chuey ingested weed-killer and, once again, we were blessed to have such a caring team assisting us through this ordeal. Chuey is doing WONDERFUL, today! Thank you to all of the staff at Turquoise Animal Hospital!!! We love You!!!

– Melanie N.

Dr. Al Atkinson is awesome. I took my 15 year old parakeet to him because of swelling around the eyes. The bird looked like a goldfish with the bugged out eyes. The birdie had a sinus infection and Dr. Al drained it, put the bird on antibiotics and vitamins, and showed me how to give him his medicine at home. I guess it was eating only bird seed that sometimes causes this. He coached me to give him some green leafy veggies and gave some vitamin packed birdie treats. The bird is doing great! The fees were discussed up front and I found them to be very reasonable and fair considering all of the time and effort that Dr. Al did. I highly recommend him. He’s a real pro.

– Chris K.

You guys were great in helping out little Doonie (our tortoise) after a run in with the family dog… my granddaughter really appreciated your help and the doctor and technician were very helpful to her in her time of need.

– Valerie K.

Kaya was recently spayed at Turquoise Animal Hospital. She is only 7 months old and had a very hard time going through with the procedure (there were a few tears when I dropped her off) but you guys did an awesome job and she is back to 100%. Thanks for taking care of her and treating her so kindly!

– Stephanie R.

Orion likes to wear the shoes in our family. She is 18 months old. She was treated very well during her spay service at Turquoise Animal Hospital. You all are really great with our loved ones.

– William M.

Chips was really sick as a little puppy but Dr. G and the rest of the staff took great care of him. He is now a very happy, healthy Frenchie who just celebrated his first birthday. TAH is one of his favorite places to visit when we go for walks.

– Jill S.

“Our 81 pound black lab named Aslan is technically not suppose to be in the kitchen. He sneaks his way in and looks for food that has been dropped. I believe this shot was taken after he found himself a treat on the floor 🙂 . He cut his leg open a while back and I rushed him to your office where he required sedation and staples. You guys took such great care of him! We love Turquoise Animal Hospital 🙂 !!!

– Jamie G.

Anonymous comments from our client satisfaction surveys:

Everyone is always wonderful! I just dropped by to pick up some food for my cat and the girl behind the counter already had it ready! I called to see if the office was open and she took the initiative to look up my file and pull out exactly what I needed so it would be ready when I arrived. She was extremely thoughtful!

This is rather a no-brainer. I’ve been using Turquoise Animal Hospital for years, and have always had the best, most friendly, and conscientious service. All my pets actually like the place and people – they like returning home, but there’s no problem going there and meeting and greeting, and hardly a protest at treatment.

Dr. Atkinson is such an animal lover, knowledgeable, thoughtful and professional. And he even likes the people on the other end of the leash!

Loved coming here! So appreciative of how quickly they got my dog in and treated him. Will definitely come here from now on!

The Doctor and staff are very friendly and professional. The Doctors took time to call the emergency hospital where I had my dog to have a clear understanding of what my dog was going through so the follow up care would be what was necessary. I have had dogs most of my life and Turquoise Animal Hospital Doctors are excellent.

Our arrival and appointment was processed expeditiously. No long waiting.

Dr. Guayasamin took time to give me a re-check to see how I was doing, he really cared how I was feeling and wanted to be sure I was on the mend. He also took time to talk to my “mom” to be sure she understood my condition as well as asking if she had any questions.